Kitchen Confined-tial

Let me explain the one person kitchen.  Yes, I can fit 2 adults and a medium sized dog in it, but none of us are happy about it.  I’m stretching over the counter to the corner sink to wash dishes, Ethan is reaching into the oven and “playfully” crushing my legs with the door, and Josephine is crawling in between both of us sniffing for any scraps I may have dropped.  This is not a conducive environment to be in in-general.  One person is more than enough.

When Ethan set off to find us a flat in Edinburgh, I had few demands: a garden for Josephine, windows for sunlight, and a decent sized kitchen.  I knew I would give up a renovated kitchen tailored and installed by Ethan and myself, but um, this is going to take a lot more adjusting.  I should say it’s space-saving.  The kitchen is also the laundry room!  In some amazing feat of engineering, I have a mini fridge next to my washer!  But there’s no dryer- I’m forcing myself to love hard, crunchy clothes.   This kitchen is not a disaster.  It’s lean and reminds me of working in the submarine bakery (aka Whole Foods Gateway) where we all fought for table space and sneakily pushed each other’s projects further off the table when they had their back turned and claimed their space as our own (Don’t worry- no cakes ever made it to the floor).   And as every good cook should know, keeping a clean and organized station is crucial. 

The setup of plates and pantry food keeps changing but I’m quite content with the upper shelf as the home for my cereal collection.  Cheerios, Lucky Charms, granola- it’s my go-to snack if I’m staring into the fridge and have no idea what I want to eat.  The one item I could not live without also traveled across the pond: my cornflower blue Kitchenaid mixer.  I still need to find a decent wall converter that doesn’t go on high speed every time I turn it on, causing flour and powdered sugar to coat the walls.  There’s a lot of things I have yet to learn about my one person kitchen and as I continue to catalog these events, here’s a piece of advice that helps me maintain sanity in close quarters:  read the recipe, figure out which ingredients can be consolidated into the same bowl and you’ll be happy when you have less dishes to do.