“So let’s do this thing!”

Yes, I did just quote Ratatouille.  I have seen this movie many times.  One because its cute and Parisian and all the sweet, romantic things a girl dreams about.  And two, because this was my go-to video for the Food Trades class I had the gracious opportunity to substitute.  It was because of this experience that I really pushed myself to go chase after this crazy dream of becoming a pastry chef.  I dabbled in some baking courses before but it wasn’t until I had chance to share my knowledge that I truly believed that I could seriously do this.  And with this quote I enrolled at the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and competed for a scholarship with my Rustic Apple and Pear Galette and won first place!  It was such a surreal moment, as if the Fates were telling me, “This is what you’re supposed to be doing,” and so I carried on.

So here we are, dear readers.  I went to culinary school so I can eventually teach and write about food.  Let’s begin with the writing.  What you will be reading are historical aspects that we never really consider when eating, experiments as I realize that most of my American recipes don’t turn out the same in Scotland, and any other nuggets of information that I find interesting (books, films, gadgets, etc.).  Bear in mind that when I do get to the history, I’m doing my absolute best in sharing the most accurate and well researched information.  I truly hope you enjoy!

Let’s do this thing!


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