Posted in March 2012

Kitchen Confined-tial

Let me explain the one person kitchen.  Yes, I can fit 2 adults and a medium sized dog in it, but none of us are happy about it.  I’m stretching over the counter to the corner sink to wash dishes, Ethan is reaching into the oven and “playfully” crushing my legs with the door, and … Continue reading

The Unbearable Delightfulness of Scones

Nothing beats my new Scottish guilty pleasure: a warm, perfectly light fruit scone, slathered in cool cream and strawberry jam and then enveloped by a sip of breakfast tea. Even the thought cures all my homesickness, my chilled bones, and of course, hunger.  I suppose I shouldn’t call this a guilty pleasure, it’s a necessity.  … Continue reading

“So let’s do this thing!”

Yes, I did just quote Ratatouille.  I have seen this movie many times.  One because its cute and Parisian and all the sweet, romantic things a girl dreams about.  And two, because this was my go-to video for the Food Trades class I had the gracious opportunity to substitute.  It was because of this experience … Continue reading